Effective, Confident, Successful: Becoming the Coach You Want to Be

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If you didn't already watch it when you signed up for the series, start with this video. I'll let you in on what I was missing when I started my coaching practice, and introduce the CHANGE framework that we'll use throughout these four videos.

In this next video, I share the six Cs of successful coaching, and we'll use one of my favorite coaching techniques to help you figure out—and make real progress on—the next big step toward your coaching goals.

Ready for some fun? In this video, I'll show you how (and why) to create a goal map—a flexible, big-picture map of the path to achieving your goals as a coach. Then you can use the e-workbook to guide you through the details of creating your own goal map.

The last video explores how you can use a growth mindset as a catalyst for the steady, resilient, and joyful pursuit of your coaching goals. I'll also share some information about how WBI can help you along your path to becoming the effective, confident, successful coach you have chosen to be!


Download your free companion e-workbook. It's your step-by-step guide to putting everything you're learning in the videos to work.


We've packed a lot of information into these short videos, but we have so much more to share. WBI offers a wide range of evidence-based coaching courses, including a full Positive Psychology Coach Certification program. Looking for a single course to help you hone your skills or develop a thriving practice? Or are you seeking a full certification program to really jump-start your coaching career?